Hello homies! If you would like to support me and moose in our community endeavors and artful mooseadventures, here are some qute ways to do so!

1. Invite us to your space and we can put on a            MOOSE-Y-CAL event in your town by emailing cali(dot)bulmash@gmail(dot)com! Moose and I are allways available for drag performances. We also stop at facilitation station, where there are workshops on zine makin, poetry spittin, improv playin, and QuTe space building aka making things grow!

2. Share music, videos, zines with all the QTs!

3. Stay tooned via this website and our page: Cali Bee.

4. Check out our online store, The Garlic Spot, by clicking below:

5. If you have the means and feel like supporting, you can  Venmo or Paypal cali.bulmash@gmail.com OR visit our Patreon Page.

                   Moose 'n Bootz practicing his selfie game.

                   Moose 'n Bootz practicing his selfie game.