For booking contact                   Cali Bee at  cali.bulmash-at-gmail-dot-com

                                  For booking contact

                 Cali Bee at cali.bulmash-at-gmail-dot-com

Cali Bulmash has performed queer-radical-roustabout-magic music and spoken word all over the country, including in the NYC Fringe Festival.

Perhaps their best-loved performance was after they were arrested for planting native seeds in a tar sands mine, and Cali and others were sitting about handcuffed in some police department's trailer, where pamphlets warned about the danger of the Black Lives Matter movement and humorless,intimidating cops stood over them, and Cali took a deep breath and belted out:

"I AM A Consensual/ Pansexual/ I'll sex you up

Armed with a ukulele, foot tambourine, moose puppet, and a whole slew of words, Cali jiggles loose the joints of capitalist heteropatriarchy and out pops joy and a moment to practice liberation.

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Check out these articles in the Moab Times Independent and Moab Sun News for more on Cali Bee and community. Or this one about the Keep It In the Ground campaign, and how we bring music into the movement.